About Travel Dumps
Thank-you for joining me.

I'm a 44 year old male from the UK, however this blog is not about me!

It's about the locations, the holidays, the wonderful travel adventures that we take.

I would really like to get visitors contributing as well as my updates and blogs, as we gather more and more information, stories, hints and tips and amazing photograph's from around the globe.  
The idea is as soon as you get home from a holiday or your travels whilst it's all fresh in your memory you do a brain dump in order to help and assist other travellers. We aim to get tips and advice that you may not get on other travel sites or blogs. We want to make the site enjoyable and fun as all good travelling experiences should be.

All photographs are my own unless stated.
My Travel Bucket List

Since starting this travel blog I've discovered so many new destinations that I hadn't really known about before, and have now been added to my ever increasing list of places to visit. However when asked what would be on my main bucket wishlist, then I would narrow it down to the following.

1) Alaska: ❄

This has been the one place my wife has always wanted to visit since she was a little girl. I really need to organize a trip for her possibly as part of a cruise.

2) USA Road Trip. (Route 66): 🚙

Always wanted to go on an American road trip and would love to drive across the heart of the country via the famous route 66 from Chicago to Los Angelas 2000 mile adventure of a lifetime.

3)Skiing holiday: ⛷

Have somehow never been on a skiing holiday despite only living a couple of miles from a dry ski slope. Always loved the snow but have always chosen alternate holidays.

4) Cycling Holiday: 🚴

Not in the best of physical fitness at the moment, but have always wanted to go on a cycling holiday be it exploring the hills and scenic countryside of Wales or an adventure through idyllic villages in France or maybe cycling the Camino de Santiago through Northern Spain.

5) Walking along the Great Wall of China: 👟

I've seen pictures of how crowded it now gets as its such a tourist attraction but I still would love to visit China and walk along this infamous structure.

6) Watch a football match from the top league of every European nation. ⚽

Have seen Barcelona v Real Sociedad in the Spanish League and Inter Milan v Sampdoria in Italy's Serie A.
I have also seen my team play in Germany, Czech Republic, and Spain but want to sample an actual top flight game from all over Europe.

7) Australia and New Zealand.✈

The other side of the world, but I'm sure most people in the UK would have a trip down under on their bucket list.

8) Iceland: ⛄

Looks a magical place as described in my brother's article, but having seen all the waterfalls and magical landscapes throughout the country have really made me fall in love with the country and lust after a visit.

9) Canada: 🍁

Would love to visit the major cities in Canada especially Vancouver, Toronto and Quebec.

10) Join the 92 club. ⚽ 

This only entails traveling across England and Wales but I've always wanted to visit every football ground in England's professional leagues. 92 grounds in the 4 divisions but this changes with 2 teams relegated now from the 4th league and a lot of clubs have moved to a new ground over the last 20 years meaning you have to visit them again to see their new ground. I'm back to 45 so still have quite a few to do.